Why are shutters so popular in Seattle and beyond

Shutters are unique in that they are insulating, light infusing, and add real value to your home. If you wish to achieve privacy you can simply close them, if you want to flood the room with light white wooden shutters actually brighten a room and reflect light in a beautiful way. Wood shutters are versatile and work with practically every type of interior. They are timeless treasures that maintain their appearance and value over time. When properly cared for shutters can last for as long as you own your residence. Call or email Newport Custom Shutters for more information.

The Many Benefits of Wood Shutters

Expertly crafted wooden items tend to last a long time. Due to exceptional construction methods of our wood shutters, they are likely to outlast the homeowner. Comparatively, plastic or faux wood shutters do not have the same longevity of wood shutters. Many times composite faux wood shutters will bow, bend, or break within a few short months, especially if the shutters are installed in an area of direct sun. In addition homes which have real hardwood shutters will appraise for more than houses that do not.

Wood shutters are easy to clean and maintain. The air in your home will be less subject to air toxins and unwanted debris because the shutters are simple to clean due to their structure and resilient paint finish. Conversely blinds or curtains can trap debris and dust which can only be removed by dry-cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning by a professional.

Lastly, shutters help to control the temperature of your indoor space due to their exceptional insulating properties. This is especially helpful in summer and winter months.

Costly addition not necessary, just add shutters to make a new bedroom

Angled shutters fill in a space so that the room below can now be used as a 3rd bedroom. The client had to decide whether to go with a stain finish for the shutters to match the beams or add white shutters to keep things light and airy. They chose the white shutters. We designed and manufactured a wood jamb finished with a matching stain and this is where the shutters are installed. Mission accomplished. The satisfied client has an extra bedroom to offer guests which also comes with a nice view!