Crafting a Beautiful Bay Window

Bay windows are a handsome feature in any room. They offer splendid airiness and light to a space, but it is often challenging to find appropriate window coverings for them. The angles and large glass area of a bay window can be obscured by curtains or the dangling cords of blinds. Shutters are the perfect solution! As no two bay windows are the same and we are the only custom shutter manufacturer in western Washington, we consult with you and/or your designer to fabricate the perfect sizes of shutters and complimentary wood joinery that creates a seamless look and enduring functionality. Please view some examples of bay windows we have covered recently below. If you have bay windows in your home and would like to explore your design possibilities with shutters, please give us a call!

Sliding Shutters

Sliding shutters are a splendid solution for sliding glass doors. Whether you have a tight space as the example here shows or if you even if you have plenty of wall space on either side of the door, shutters, when combined with an overhead sliding track can be an excellent choice. Notice from the photos below you can leave the louvers open when you slide the shutters one over another. This is an exclusive Newport Custom Shutters option. For more information please email or give Newport Custom Shutters a call.

Shutters for Modern Bathrooms

In contrast to what you may think, shutters do not always have to look traditional or classic. They can be designed and manufactured to look sleek, suiting modern spaces such as the two bathrooms shown below made possible in part by using a less traditional material: aluminum. The shutters in all of the images below are aluminum. Putting shutters in a bathroom with specific tilt preferences allows you to maintain privacy without sacrificing style or your view.

New Year, New Home

It's 2018, and you may be looking for a way to update your home this year whether you have a traditional or modern style. Search no further because custom-designed and hand-crafted shutters are the solution you have been looking for. Shutters from Newport Custom Shutters are designed and constructed to seamlessly fit your windows, match your paint color choice, and either blend in or stand out to suit your particular design taste. Our wood shutters serve as the premier window treatment serving both fashion and function, in that they control the amount of light and heat let into your home in a way that adds value and style to your home's interior. See the images below for a recent shutter installment in the greater Seattle area exemplifying the use of color and shutter style to merge seamlessly into the living room, and create a bold statement in the bedroom and bathroom. Newport Custom Shutters is your destination for custom shutters, manufactured right here in Redmond, Washington. Click the "contact" header above to call us or send an email to receive a no-obligation in-home estimate.